Basic Life Support (BLS) training is an important skill for healthcare professionals, safety personnel in industry, and even parents to learn.  Cost is often a factor which stops people from getting the training they want.  A BLS certification online free of cost sounds like the perfect solution, but is it really?  What are you going to really get?

What you will quickly discover is most free online training programs for BLS online do not offer free certification.  You can take their training classes for free but the certification is not free.  Do not let this discourage you.  Finding a method to acquire the training you need for a very low cost or free is not really that hard.  Here are a few suggestions to get your BLS certification online free or at a very low cost.

Turn to Your Community for Free Training

The first suggestion is to get someone else to pay for your courses.  You may think that is not going to be easy, but you will discover most employers are happy to pay for the cost of having their employees take a BLS certification program.  They will probably request to have a copy of your certification for their records.  The reason they are excited to pay for your BLS certification is because it gives them benefits, too.  They now have an employee who can react in a crisis.  They can point out the fact they have certified safety personnel on staff when they talk to insurance companies and to safety inspectors.  If you need to cut your costs start with your employer.  Tell them about your desire to get trained and you may be surprised to see them quickly offer to pay the cost.

Churches and schools are another source of cutting your costs for BLS certification.  Many of these organizations work with the American Heart Association or the Red Cross to offer basic life support training at very low cost or sometimes for free.  You can find these courses by contacting your local churches, schools, and civic centers.  Do not forget to check in with your local hospitals, fire department, and rescue squads.  These organizations will know about upcoming classes and if there are any options for free training.

How Important is Free?

Cost is an important criterion to most of us, but how important is having your BLS certification online free?   What if the cost was less than $30?  We often trick ourselves into believing quality training is expensive, even when it is not.  As an example, the American Heart Association offers two courses on basic life support which are very low cost.  One of the courses is their BLS for Healthcare Providers Part 1.   This course is offered online for only $22.  That does not include the cost of the hands-on lab or skills test required for certification, but it is the basic course to give you the mental skills for basic life support.

Their second course is their BLS HeartCode system.  It costs under $30 and offers a full e-simulation system to reduce your needs for skills training.   You can finish this course and then do your skills testing with an AHA trainer to complete your BLS certification requirements.

What this illustrates is that while getting your training for free sounds great, you can get the highest quality training at extremely low prices.  This may help you understand why employers are usually excited to help you learn, also.  The low cost is quickly offset with potentially lower insurance rates and reduced risks of penalties during a safety inspection.   BLS certification online free of cost is not easy to find, but getting training for free is.

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