Are you planning on doing some studying ahead of time before you take your AHA ACLS training? The American Heart Association ACLS book series comes in a variety of packages for you to consider, but there are some other high quality guides on the market, also.

Books Offered by the AHA for ACLS Certification and Training

The preferred materials for most individuals are the books directly from the American Heart Association. The following list shows some of the bundles they currently offer for ACLS training.

  • ACLS Provider Manual – This is the American Heart Association ACLS book most people will probably be interested in. It was written for healthcare professionals. The book is highly targeted for emergency responders, emergency room staff, intensive care and critical care employees.
  • ACLS Instructor Manual – The AHA produced this manual to be used by instructors who provide training to people seeking certification. It is designed to prepare the instructor to work with students on first time certification, renewal courses, and people who have completed the HeartCode ACLS Part 1 online program.
  • ACLS Instructor Package – The complete bundle an instructor will need including DVD training materials, algorithm cards, and more.

For most of you the only book you will be interested in is the first one, the ACLS Provider Manual. If you are planning to train other individuals in your company, facility, or community then consider the other two options.

All of the AHA materials are based upon the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for BLS and ACLS. Verify before purchasing your books they are the latest edition and not materials based on the 2005 guidelines.

Other Options for ACLS Books

There are other options you can consider for your ACLS training materials. These alternative guides provide an alternative method of teaching and can be a great addition to your library. You need to be aware that any publication not produced by the AHA may not cover all materials you will be tested for.

Let us take a look at two books which are very popular as alternatives to the American Heart Association ACLS books.

  • ACLS Study Guide, Edition 4e by Barbara J Aehlert – Barbara has produced an excellent book. The book covers all of the basics from the AHA 2010 guidelines. The book is packed with illustrations and case studies to improve learning. The guide includes a removable quick reference care with the ACLS algorithms you can carry with you. Barbara includes a 50 question test for you to take prior to reading the book and at the completion of your studies to help you assess your understanding.
  • ACLS Review Made Incredibly Easy 2nd Edition by Lippincott – This book is another good alternative for your library. It is not as comprehensive in scope as either the AHA guide or the ACLS study guide, but the material is presented in much easier terms.

There is one advantage you may appreciate on these two alternative books. They are available in e-reader formats for the Amazon Kindle and other reading devices. If you prefer to have your materials in digital format these two guides are excellent options.

Using Common Sense to Choose Your ACLS Materials

We need to step back from our list of books for just a moment and revisit your purpose. If you are working towards certification it is highly recommended you consider the American Heart Association ACLS book as your first choice. It is the one book which is designed to follow the certification course outline. This can help make it easier for you when you take your certification class, skills sessions, and skills test. Consider the other two alternatives as great additions to help you learn if you find the AHA guide hard to digest.

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